Handmade by Shayna

Trinidad , TT The Secret Ingredient is Love.
Handmade by Shayna is a small business that focuses on freshly baked, quality, homemade, handmade speciality bread. The time and love that goes into making each loaf come across in our flavour profile. In 1947, my grandparents migrated to Tobago, the smaller of the twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Eventually, family and friends visited Tobago frequently and stayed with my grandparents for months at a time. This hospitality and generosity soon led to the conversion of their humble abode to one of the very first guesthouses on the island at that time. This service to others is the legacy that I’ve now taken upon myself to continue with the creation of Handmade by Shayna. From the day I was born into my family, hospitality has been a part of my life. Twenty-eight years later, what was a keen interest in my grandparent's business and the people coming and going, blossomed into the desire to pursue a career in Hospitality and Tourism management. As I started to weave desire into my skillset my journey began with an Associate degree in Tourism Management from the Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute. This quest for knowledge continued with the attainment of a Bachelors's degree in Hotel and Lodging Management from Johnsons and Wales University the number two University for Hospitality in the US. Even after completion of my degrees, I felt something was still missing as I wanted to be all-around in this field. This led me to complete an Associate Degree in the Culinary Arts from the Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute. Armed with desire, know-how, and a legacy of service, I created Handmade by Shayna. A  small business that focuses on quality, freshly baked, homemade, handmade, speciality bread where the secret ingredient is love. Shayna :)